John Lalonde colorswap cosplay is done. The question is, glasses, or no glasses? (Though, I guess that doesn’t matter much. They’re prescription, I’ll have to wear them around the con regardless)
Also before someone says “Wtf scarf is that Rose wears a pink one doofus.”
Well lemme tell you a story. I should never listen to my memory. All I remembered was that Rose had the purple striped scarves all over her room. That’s what my mind latched onto, and once Candace pointed out that she wears a pink one, I was already halfway done knitting.
So there. I tried hard and that’s what counts, or something.

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    Our John Lalonde, everybody.
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    sajkf Why are you so good at knitting it’s so hard
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    Aw, thanks Noodlelord. you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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    hello perfect
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    kawaii gosh